You've Invented A Product: Now What?

Inventing a product can often be a labor of love or a curiosity project. Once you've finally perfected your invention, you might be relieved and happy, but unsure of your next move. Getting the product into the hands of people who can use it is likely to be your ultimate goal, but in order for that to happen, you may want to take these steps.

Get a Patent

If you're hoping to eventually work with a large company that can absorb the costs of production and provide you with a nice commission or other financial reward when your products sell, you may want to seek out a patent first. Walking into a meeting with the patent that has already been granted saves a lot of time and production can start right away, but more importantly, it shows a company that your product is indeed original and that you are the person who has created it. That means the company is unlikely to become involved in legal battles over your invention, which can be an attractive proposition.

The patent application process can stretch out for a few months, so it is also smart to get the process out of the way as soon as you're able to. You might want to get help from a consulting firm so that you're sure everything is done properly.

Start Marketing Yourself

While you're working on the patent process, it's important that you start spreading the word about yourself and what you've created. Creating a buzz about your product can interest prospective buyers and companies. Marketing yourself can seem strange, particularly if it's not your area of expertise, but there are a number of easy things you can do to publicize your work.

One thing you can do is to engage with companies and people through social media. You might start a blog that details your journey and write guest articles for online sites that are related to your product. You can also send out press releases to your own local newspaper or alumni association which announce and describe what you've created.

Now that you've got some direction regarding your next moves, you can start working toward those goals. Work with a consulting company, like Inventor coach Brian Fried, that offers invention services for people like you; they can guide you toward each step necessary to ensure that your invention soon gets into the hands of those who need it.