Treatment Options For Teen Pornography Addiction

With the rise in technology over the last decade, pornography is extremely easy to find and access. Because of this, many people begin looking at porn when they are very young, and this often leads to pornography addictions with teens. If you have a teen child who is addicted to pornography, you should get help for him or her soon. Leaving this addiction untreated can result in so many problems for your teen as he or she grows up, and here are the best methods for treating this type of addiction.


In many cases, helping people understand their addictions by educating them can be a good and helpful step for treating the addiction. Watching pornography for extended periods of time can actually change a person's brain. The changes that occur can desensitize the person's sexuality, making it harder for him or her to have sexual relations with real people. This is just one of many negative effects pornography has on people when they overuse it.


A second form of treatment used for pornography addictions is counseling. Counseling is an effective form of treatment for most types of addictions, and it really just involves talking about the problem. In some cases, people find it very freeing to be able to express secrets or hidden thoughts that they could not reveal to anyone before. This can help a person overcome the addiction, and counseling also offers more accountability for the person. Your teen will have to talk to this counselor every week about the issue and his or her habits, and this is another way counseling helps.

Counseling also offers a way for an addict to fully understand the problem, why it is a problem, and reasons to find a way to stop.

Accountability Software

While many teens are smart enough to bypass tracking software on their phones or computers, putting an extra layer of protection may help at least a little bit. Accountability software is one option you could consider placing on your child's electronics. This type of software can either prohibit your teen from accessing sites with pornography, or it will record a list of all sites visited. The list will then be sent to you to monitor what he or she is viewing.

If your teen has a problem with pornography, you should view this as a serious issue that needs treatment. Contact an addiction center today to learn more about teen pornography addiction treatment.